Online registration and administration for school childcare

Who is authorized to do what?

-transparent and clear structures-

Rights and role concept

To ensure that only authorized persons have access to data, we have developed a function-oriented authorization concept. Depending on the function of an employee, different rights can be assigned to him or her. 

 The assignment of rights takes place on the one hand on the level of the city and on the other hand on the level of the organization. The cities can grant rights to the organizations for administration, which enables them to make changes and entries themselves. 

 With our fine-grained permissions it can be set very precisely which person is authorized to handle the data. This is particularly important when processing data concerning children.

Here you will find an overview of the most important advantages of the rights and role concept with SKiB:

  • Function-oriented authorization concept 
  • Two levels (city and organisation) 
  • Fine granular permissions

School childcare is available in the following cities

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Schorndorf

Stadt Schorndorf


We are happy to advise cities individually on the implementation of their school childcare:

+49 07621-9515700

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the organisations providing care.